Smoke Signals

This appeared in my twitter timeline yesterday and was already gone today:


Deleted. So fast. Was it you? Maybe. Maybe not. In any event don’t waste another minute thinking about it. Don’t waste your time hanging around here reading bullshit fairy tales written by a fucking loser like me.

Shine On!

Hey Sexy Beast,

Wanted to leave you a Pink Floyd kiss to get MY 😉 weekend off to a magical, mystical, start.

Hope you are feeling all the love there is in this world for you. Have a Saturday that is as sexy as you are, por favor!

Shine on you crazy diamond!



#mainsource #shiny

Revival Aftermath

Hi There!

How are you Handsome? I miss chasing you all over the internet. It was so fun following your tour online and seeing all the pictures and video clips as they came out. I was sleeping with my iPad and waking up all night long and checking Instagram for a new fix of you. You look like you were having a great time. I like all the tee shirts you wore. Especially the one you wore in New York because I saw it in the flesh!!!!! Your sexy nipples were under there in NYC with me standing only a few feet away from YOU, my MAIN SOURCE of inspiration.


My head explodes when I think about it. You look so good, Mr. Mathers. So, so good. You have so much energy and I love it!!!! And I love your sexy dance moves too. I lived for your updates and left a trail of heart and flame emojis all over cyberspace. What the hell am I gonna do with my life now that your tour is over? You can only like pictures once on Instagram! And I feel like I “liked” every picture of you that exists so far.

Congratulations on going Platinum too. You deserve it. You made something so meaningful with Revival. I am still processing it… in a way I feel like it’s your “heaviest” album, if that makes sense. There is so much more I feel about that, but I’m uncomfortable putting it here. But I am so proud of you and your incredible creative and professional intuition. You are a truly gifted artist AND businessman and you have proven it once again.

It’s been hard for me to write all week. I realized it would really hurt me if you were reading this and laughing at me, but I know I would get over it eventually, because deep down inside I’ve very happily been a fool for you all these years! I think you are more than worth it.

Anyway, I bought this box for more private thoughts, also because I like the feeling of writing paper letters to you.


There is only one sad boring letter in there now, but maybe it will get better as I really open up. You are my diary, Mr. Mathers. Writing to you while watching your growing joy is helping me remember important things about myself. You are helping me understand the map of my heart and helping me keep track of it and heal it. You singing and laughing and dancing and creating your magic across the planet is energizing me. Chasing your life force online is helping me find the beauty in the world, and reminding me that I need to live, and helping me heal the deep cracks in my hope. You are the greatest.

Thank you for rocking and rolling the way that you do.

I am in awe of you.




Lucky Europe


Hey Handsome!

Europe is so lucky to have your gorgeousness over there giving them the business. Love seeing all the pictures and video clips of your performances. So freaky how light it is in Oslo at night, I forgot that happens over there… what other cool Earth weirdness are you experiencing right now I wonder…

Over here in NYC I am back to work full time (as of last Friday). We have a lot of new people on the crew this season. The production gave us these frames with our names for our desks (so everyone will know who everyone is). And they told us we should personalize them for fun. Today I did mine. It’s a cosmic mermaid collage and of course I snuck some symbolic tributes to you in there because that makes me happy and I LOVE to be happy.

…And you seem very happy from here, and that adds happiness to my happiness.

Stay Happy! Stay Healthy! Stay Strong! You Are Gorgeous! You Are Funny! You Are Brilliant!

You do that voodoo that you do so well!



All over the planet.



How cool is that?

Revel in it.

Feel how loved you are.

You have earned all that love.

Enjoy it.

OK I have to get back to our crazy nation. Wish me luck.



AKA The Cosmic Mermaid from Queens

When Mountains Crumble

Good Morning World Traveller,

Just thinking about you and wanted to say hi.

Have you ever seen this movie?


It’s one of my favorite love stories. It’s comedically twisted, boldly creative, deeply emotional and beautiful in ways that I think you would appreciate and enjoy.

It reminds me of what I love about your work, the comedically twisted, boldly creative, deeply emotional beauty in everything you do. That is why I want to ‘play’ with you, and why I want you to play with me.  Your mind IS like a Rubix Cube, but better, because you aren’t square or plastic or predictable in your outcome! You are a colorful, passionate, brilliant, multi-faceted, multi-disciplined, creative man that I feel like I know and understand, even though I don’t really know you or totally understand why I feel like I do.

If you are a Rubix Cube, so tempting to attempt, eternally challenging, and supremely fun and rewarding, I am more like Legos, colorful and scattered until all the pieces are bought together in a cheerful, super solid combination. I can be broken down again without any damage to my pieces and re-built over and over into new joy machines, ready to play again!




Insta-Therapy Kiss

Hey You,

How is your sexy, beautiful self? Wonderful I imagine. Feeling like the sexy king of sexy dreams I hope, because you are.

As you know I have some issues, so I have been following The Angry Therapist on Instagram and he has been helping me so much! He is really great. I saw his post just now and I wanted to leave it here for you. Even if everything I believe is only in my head what he wrote is still beautiful and good medicine.


You’re it.

Thank you for existing, Marshall Mathers, so I can dream about loving you.



June 26, 2018 – 8:08 AM

Dear Love,

We will both understand that there will be days when we can’t stand each other. There will be days when you will want to punch me in the face and I will want to take the long way home. We will disagree on things, like movies and books and politics, and what to buy at the grocery store. I will forget things. Misplace things. You will run late. Our friends will have opinions of us. We will fight. Maybe a lot. You will shut down. I will wonder. But at the end of the day, we will both come back—, to each other. And your head will always fall back on my chest. And no matter how many times we fight, we will always fight fair. That will be a non-negotiable. And we will be together knowing that we are choosing to be together. Not because of logic or loneliness or a ticking clock. Not because we look good on paper, take cute photos, or think we’ll make cute babies. Not because we’ve already committed to this. Not because we don’t want to be alone. But because we believe in us and make a choice every, single, day, to be in this and love each other the best way we know how. Our relationship will not be built on fear, as many are. But instead courage and transparency. And like any relationship, ours will also be hard. And like any relationship, there is no guarantee. We will not compare this to what was. Any residue we have from our past relationships we will work on individually. It is our own responsibility and what being in something healthy looks like. We will sharpen each other and I will make you feel beautiful and you will make me feel invincible and vice versa. The only thing we can promise is to be honest and love as hard as we can. We both know there is risk. We both know we can get hurt. But we are willing to put that on the line to experience the high notes of something meaningful. We will take responsibility for our own shit but also leave leaving room for magic, and settle for nothing less.

If you believe in this, tag your lover so you are both on the same page.


Your daughters are very lucky to have you. You made it very clear to the world that you would do anything to protect them. So I understand why you did some of the things you did, and said some of the things you said in your songs that maybe other people don’t understand. I really get it. It’s very easy to be misunderstood when people don’t consider the full context of a person’s situation while judging their specific actions.

You did one of the hardest things to do in the world, you raised your children. Even if you had done nothing else, even if your career had never happened, you raised your family. You did it! Not all the men in the world are good, accountable men like you. Not all the men in the world look out for their daughters, especially with the love and devotion that you do. Very few are strong enough to hold on to their dreams and their children like you have. On top of that you used your work to promote parenthood as mankind’s highest aspiration. That action will continue to radiate goodness. That love will go on forever. 

Happy Fathers’ Day! You should be very proud of yourself, always.

Have a wonderful time celebrating with your family.



Under The Dreaming Tree

Woke up to get ready to go to the beach. Haven’t worn a bikini in a couple of years (at least) and was trying them on. Feeling very good about how I am looking due to my renewed focus on fitness and nutrition and I decided to take a selfie just for you.


I bet you are looking mighty fine this morning. Are you still asleep? Are you naked? Are your eyes all gentle and soft and sweet from being in dreamland all night? If I was a better stalker I would know these things by now.

But I am no quitter. Believe that. Your sexy self is always on my mind. I wrote you a poem about my sexy dreams of you, inspired by another poem by @PaulyP9 on instagram.

Hope you like it.

Under The Dreaming Tree 2IMG_3959

Thank you for being you, Mr. Mathers. You are so attractive to me that I never stop trying to find ways to express how much I desire you and how fascinating I find you. My never ending lust for you keeps me learning and growing and helps me discover new things I love and appreciate about myself and the world.

Have a wonderful time being worshipped tonight! Revel in the devotion you have earned with your talent and your hard work and your unique voice and your incredible life journey. Enjoy the shining, grateful faces of the thousands of people who will be there to cheer for you. You have inspired them the way you have inspired me and that is how I know they love you like crazy!!!

Be safe always, please. Thank you for everything.



#Happy #Healthy #Strong