Serendipity Party

For the last two days I have been helping my friend with some graphics for her new film. When I get home from work I work on stuff for her. I am so honored that this woman has shared her incredible visions with me. I am so grateful that she has allowed me to collaborate with her. I am so lucky that she is letting me play with her art. I am so lucky that I met her last week in Hawaii.

So when I planned my trip to Hawaii to see your show my goal for the day after your concert was to go to the Honolulu Museum of Art…

…but when I woke up that day something told me not to go to the museum but to take pictures of flowers instead. I’d seen a sign for a garden nearby the day before and I decided to check it out. I got dressed in my sunniest outfit, put on a smile and headed out the door.

And as I walked down the street looking for the garden to take photographs I started thinking that I wanted to see some more live music that night, somewhere in Honolulu.

Suddenly I see a beautiful woman photographing flowers.

I said to the beautiful woman, “I was going to do that today. I found a garden nearby that looks interesting.” She said, “I’ll come with you.”

As we walked and talked she took some pictures of me and I took pictures of her and she told me about her man and her baby and her art. We realized we had so much in common philosophically, politically and professionally and we both live in NYC and we were both flying home on the same day, on the same flight!

The conversation was flowing and she said, “You should come with me to The Honolulu Museum of Art tonight, I have a film in the Honolulu African American Film Festival.” I was like, “Wow! I was going to go there today and then I decided to take pictures of flowers instead. I would love to go to the museum to the Festival to support you.” So we made plans to meet at her hotel later to head over to the festival together. While we waited for her car to come she took this picture of us:

When we got to the museum that night for the festival opening event there was an amazing Jazz band playing LIVE MUSIC to celebrate the opening film, ‘Miles Davis, The Birth of Cool.”

The festival crowd was filled with beautiful brilliant artists and intellectuals, musicians, filmmakers, actors, painters, activists, so many gorgeous, glorious, incredible, inspiring people. They were so kind to me, so welcoming, so inviting, so generous with loving energy and words. One amazing woman even gave me a bracelet right off her wrist that says “You are enough.”

I spent the rest of my vacation hanging out with my new friend Kiara and other beautiful people I met there that night. Her good friend Stephen introduced us to more beautiful people at a glamorous BBQ on top of a fancy building with a giant infinity pool. We talked about comics and you. 😂🤣 Afterwards we watched Mission Impossible in a big sexy private theater and ate popcorn. It was so fun!

Later when I was telling Kiara how lucky I felt to meet her and spend time with her she said, “Do you know why I decided to walk with you the day we met? Because I saw you, this beautiful woman, all alone on vacation and I said, there is no one to see this woman here, except for me.”

That’s a real friend, a person who lets you know, “I see you.”, a person who makes you feel beautiful, a person who encourages your talent, a person who makes sure you don’t feel alone in the world. I am so lucky that I have a beautiful friend like my beautiful friend Kiara. I am so glad I went to Hawaii, I am so glad I listen to the voices in my head or I never would have met her and the beautiful people that surround a beautiful person like her. I am so lucky and I know it. 🌺


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