Dreamy Fun

Sexy Beast! I am back home in Queens. Mighty Prince Savage Machismo is here too. The hotel let me take him, so the cops can’t bust me for kidnapping him. 😂

When is the last time I told you that you are so sexy, gorgeous, hot!? Yes! I am in a better mood today because I had the best dream last night and even though it was just a dream it was awesome. This is how it made me feel when I woke up:

Backstory: One of the reasons I have smoked pot on and off for so many years is because I’ve had very chronic nightmares since I was little, based usually on shit from my childhood, and I noticed that when I smoke pot I don’t dream, or at least I don’t remember that I dreamed, so I like to smoke before bed for that reason, to stop me from dreaming and risking the nightmares. But because I didn’t smoke yesterday I had a very vivid dream last night, a very good dream and you were the star.

First I want to tell you about a dream I had last March. I knew I needed to lose weight and I was being an illogical asshole and eating a bagel every morning when I got to work. And one night I had a dream that I was in the kitchen at work making a bagel and you walked into the kitchen wearing the exact same outfit you were wearing in this dream! and you had the most adorable smile on your face because you just caught my fat ass making a bagel that I should not have been eating. And I looked at you like, “Hi, I am so busted!” You came around the counter smiling sweetly and shaking your head and you hugged me and kissed me! And I woke up. Because of that dream I started working out immediately 🤣😂🤣😂 and I have lost a lot of weight since then. Thanks, Dreamy.

Last night I dreamt that it was some kind of art show and a door slid open and you came through and as soon as you saw me you started dancing at me and I started dancing back at you and everyone was clapping as we had a dance off toward the stage. You went up on the stage and I lifted both of my arms up to cheer for you and you grabbed both of my wrists and in one movement you pulled me up with you, face to face. I could feel your hands in the dream so clearly, every finger was so strong, and I felt the wind as you lifted me up, like I only weighed a feather. The crowd gasped and cheered at how strong you were to lift me up that way. Then they challenged us as if to see if I really trust you and to see if you really care about what happens to me. The crowd parted and you jumped down off the stage and walked back really far and opened your arms for me to stage dive into them. I was thinking, “does he really think I can jump that far? …I guess he wouldn’t have stood that far away if he doesn’t think I can reach him.” And I felt so thrilled and excited for this “test” I can still feel how I smiled and leapt with all of my strength and speed and landed right in your arms like a missile. And you grabbed me so tightly against you to make sure you had me that we started falling backward in perpetual motion, but you refused to fall, You refused! But the momentum was too much and you leaned back and back and backwards squeezing me against you, until we were almost totally arched upside down together . Then you looked at me with the most hilarious smiling face, as if to say, “I guess we are falling.” And then we both just twisted our bodies together and tipped over onto our sides wrapped around each other and the crowd cheered! It was 😂 and 😍 and so vivid and real!

The dance-off was inspired by a video I saw of you dancing on Instagram yesterday before I went to sleep. You are a really, really, really good dancer. I have some pretty good moves myself. 🔥 lemme tell you a true story. One time, my dance moves made a young man explode, fully clothed, on a crowded dance floor. Yes, I am bragging. 😂 But what the hell am I going to do now? The only man I want to dance with is you and now that I know how good your moves are… ay yi yi…

When is the last time I told you that you are the hottest, sexiest, dreamiest, man alive?

Oh, I hope you come to my dreams again tonight to dance with me.

Pretty please…

#SexyBeast #Dreamscape

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