Muse It or Lose It

“I never made one of my discoveries through the process of rational thinking” 
 Albert Einstein

Hola Sexy Beast,

Having fun over here experiencing my hometown as a tourist. It was kind of scary being this high up in a building again since I barely go above 3 stories anymore, but now it is just thrilling. ✨ Went on a fun guided tour yesterday and took some pics. Got some great historical information about Wall Street that is going to enhance something I am working on with a friend of mine. Wondering what you are up to, are you wearing a Santa Hat? I have a sexy silky Santa hat that I forgot to bring, although I am on vacation in New York so technically I could go home and get it. I bought this hat in the meantime:

It’s covered up by the hood from my Eminem Rag & Bone hoodie. I had to wear your ‘Made in New York’ merchandise for this special trip. I have my favorite HOPE hat too from Southpaw. I never leave home without it (in the winter.)

Speaking of ‘Hope’ I hope everything is feeling sweet and loving and festive all around you. I am charging my phone and getting ready to go to see the Shady Ladies exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It’s all about famous artwork made by men and tells the stories of the women who inspired their work. Should be interesting and inspiring. Thank you for inspiring me.

This is a photo my friend took of me at work last week. My hair looks like shit 😂🤣💩

I got busted trying to sneak your name into some graphics on set, now they have me on a strict list of weird ass Eastern European-looking names that I have to use on everything. But I have my ways on leaving the mark of my obsession with you on everything I do for the TV people.

There is a fucking typo in there too. I forgot the word “by” in the last sentence. I am the worst 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😛😘❤️ but I can also be pretty great on my good days.

Ok I have to go, keep on keeping on, Mr. Mathers, you shiny, sexy beast! Thank you, my “deer” for inspiring me in the ways that you do.

#MoriorInvictus #MerryChristmas

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