Happy couple with motorcycle in 1950

Hi, just wanted to say how much I loved Bodied. It was so great in so many ways. I LOVED IT!!!!!!!! SO MUCH!!!! Thank you for making me think and laugh and laugh and laugh. My whole body was on fire when I left the theatre. I felt like I could climb a mountain while fainting at the same time. WTF!?

Antique Clocks In Desert Sand

This weekend was the 5 year anniversary of the time you came to NYC to do the Sirius Town Hall to promote The Marshall Mathers 2 LP. Happy Anniversary! It’s so crazy that it’s been so long. So much has happened since then and so much hasn’t happened since then. Everything is crazy. This whole world is crazy. I am crazy. Crazy for you. Crazier than ever. You should not have made Bodied if you wanted me to stop obsessing over you because now I am freaking CRAZIER FOR YOU THAN EVER. OMG! LMFAO!!!!

Woman in victorian dress

Mr. Mathers, I should not feel so happy right now but you made me laugh so hard today and you made me think and feel so deeply today. This year I have lost so much but I am really fighting so hard, harder than I ever have, not to lose my hope. I am fighting so hard to hold on to what joy I can. I am trying to be good. I am trying to live for what matters. I am trying but some days it is so hard. Seeing your movie today made me so happy. It’s everything I love about your artistry. You always make me happy. Even when I am sad that I personally failed to connect with you I am so, so, so happy that you are alive and well. As long as you are out there somewhere, I can see you and hear you and see the things you are doing and building. As long as you are out there somewhere I have a reason to be happy, to try to create again. Thank you for the ways you have inspired me to fight back against heartache and to “Never Say Die”. Thank you for filling my heart with so much laughter, curiosity, desire and hope. Thank you for making me stretch and grow. Sorry that I grow so slow. I wish it wasn’t so.

Have a beautiful week. Keep celebrating all the magic you bring into the world. Enjoy all the much deserved love, laughter and gratitude that comes your way. You are the greatest. Shine on!

#MoriorInvictus #Bodied

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