Revival Aftermath

Hi There!

How are you Handsome? I miss chasing you all over the internet. It was so fun following your tour online and seeing all the pictures and video clips as they came out. I was sleeping with my iPad and waking up all night long and checking Instagram for a new fix of you. You look like you were having a great time. I like all the tee shirts you wore. Especially the one you wore in New York because I saw it in the flesh!!!!! Your sexy nipples were under there in NYC with me standing only a few feet away from YOU, my MAIN SOURCE of inspiration.


My head explodes when I think about it. You look so good, Mr. Mathers. So, so good. You have so much energy and I love it!!!! And I love your sexy dance moves too. I lived for your updates and left a trail of heart and flame emojis all over cyberspace. What the hell am I gonna do with my life now that your tour is over? You can only like pictures once on Instagram! And I feel like I “liked” every picture of you that exists so far.

Congratulations on going Platinum too. You deserve it. You made something so meaningful with Revival. I am still processing it… in a way I feel like it’s your “heaviest” album, if that makes sense. There is so much more I feel about that, but I’m uncomfortable putting it here. But I am so proud of you and your incredible creative and professional intuition. You are a truly gifted artist AND businessman and you have proven it once again.

It’s been hard for me to write all week. I realized it would really hurt me if you were reading this and laughing at me, but I know I would get over it eventually, because deep down inside I’ve very happily been a fool for you all these years! I think you are more than worth it.

Anyway, I bought this box for more private thoughts, also because I like the feeling of writing paper letters to you.


There is only one sad boring letter in there now, but maybe it will get better as I really open up. You are my diary, Mr. Mathers. Writing to you while watching your growing joy is helping me remember important things about myself. You are helping me understand the map of my heart and helping me keep track of it and heal it. You singing and laughing and dancing and creating your magic across the planet is energizing me. Chasing your life force online is helping me find the beauty in the world, and reminding me that I need to live, and helping me heal the deep cracks in my hope. You are the greatest.

Thank you for rocking and rolling the way that you do.

I am in awe of you.




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