Under The Dreaming Tree

Woke up to get ready to go to the beach. Haven’t worn a bikini in a couple of years (at least) and was trying them on. Feeling very good about how I am looking due to my renewed focus on fitness and nutrition and I decided to take a selfie just for you.


I bet you are looking mighty fine this morning. Are you still asleep? Are you naked? Are your eyes all gentle and soft and sweet from being in dreamland all night? If I was a better stalker I would know these things by now.

But I am no quitter. Believe that. Your sexy self is always on my mind. I wrote you a poem about my sexy dreams of you, inspired by another poem by @PaulyP9 on instagram.

Hope you like it.

Under The Dreaming Tree 2IMG_3959

Thank you for being you, Mr. Mathers. You are so attractive to me that I never stop trying to find ways to express how much I desire you and how fascinating I find you. My never ending lust for you keeps me learning and growing and helps me discover new things I love and appreciate about myself and the world.

Have a wonderful time being worshipped tonight! Revel in the devotion you have earned with your talent and your hard work and your unique voice and your incredible life journey. Enjoy the shining, grateful faces of the thousands of people who will be there to cheer for you. You have inspired them the way you have inspired me and that is how I know they love you like crazy!!!

Be safe always, please. Thank you for everything.



#Happy #Healthy #Strong


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