Daydreaming At Night

Hello There You,

Enjoying all of the pictures of you from your shows. Forgetting how to write English because I am used to commenting with hearts and flames when ever I see images of you now. Your nose is so awesome, I love it from every angle. I love your beard, but I love your naked chin too. I love that your sexy naked chin is somewhere under your sexy wild beard. And your eyes, not sure I will be able to handle them in person, up close, without completely losing my mind forever. I am willing to risk any and all side effects of such a miracle, including my instantaneous death from heart and/or head explosion, and I am willing to sign a legal document to that effect. You know already that I love your nipples πŸ˜› but do you know how much I love your hands? I am obsessed with your hands. Strong. Sexy. Masculine. Hardworking. Expressive. Talented. Beautiful. Artful. Hands, yours. Both of them. I stare at them whenever I can. I love how you use them when you talk and perform.

Hope your week is going smoothly. Imagining you happy as you get ready to celebrate life with your fans this weekend.



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