When I was a little girl my father taught me how to play chess.

There are so many beauties to chess. One is that there is no time limit between moves. Each player can take as long as they need to make the move that’s best for them. A player can take two years if they need to and the other player will wait if they want to keep playing the game.

The King can move in any direction, one space at a time. He is the most precious and important piece on the board. All the other pieces are employed to protect him because as soon as he is threatened by Checkmate, the game is over and nothing else can happen.

His Queen can also move in any direction, but she can move for as many spaces as she wishes and seize whatever blocks her path. She is the most powerful piece on the board. However the King does not need her to survive. The game goes on if she is lost in battle.

Currently we are playing the game of love on “opposing” teams playing to conquer each other’s hearts in an intoxicating game that time wise beats the world record by years. We’ve managed to play on an invisible board, while simultaneously playing the endless other games we need to play to survive in our respective worlds. The time which we have needed to make our moves in this game has made me walk across vast empty loveless deserts to reach you which will make my victory all the more sweet when I finally capture you and drink from your kiss.

You have given me the most merciful and miraculous chance to play the most elaborate and beautiful game of chess ever played in my quest to win your heart. And you are teaching me something my father could not teach me, you are not giving up on me and I am eternally grateful and I love you, I love you, I love you and I will never leave you.

But enough of games.

You were incredible last night, you looked so joyful and powerful and handsome and I heard every word you said and I received every loving message you sent me with every song you played and every song you didn’t. And I was so happy to see you with your beautiful tribe of geniuses who always shine for you, no matter what, and surround you and defend you and inspire you and elevate you and protect with their love.

And your fans, how they live for you and scream for you and you make them believe in themselves and in their dreams. They know every word of every song because you have filled their souls with a deep hunger for your poetry and your music and the splendid artistry in everything you do. You have earned all of this beauty and power because you are a force of nature. You turn fire into love. You deserve every good thing you inherit from your labors because of your deep and passionate dedication to game of life.

You won.

Well played, my God. Well played.

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