New York Vs. Everybody

NewYorkVsEverybodyWent to the gym to blow off some steam, after being called repulsive on for trying to get people to pay attention to what Hillary Clinton is really saying in her AIPAC speech. That fucking bitch is trying to start a war. Fuck her.

Usually I bring my ipod and listen to rap when I work out, mostly listen to Eminem and Public Enemy. But I didn’t have it charged so I left without it.

After working out I went into the sauna and there was a stack of fashion magazines inside, which was weird, I have never seen magazines in there before. The one on top mentioned the main fashion layout was about fashion in Detroit. Right away I felt like an angel was looking out for me. I smiled and opened the magazine to an ad with big type that said, “A Little Bit Wrong, in The Right Way.”, which I felt described perfectly what I had written on

I flipped through the magazine. Read some articles. Read an interview. Was happy to see that Sarah Burton is making some beautiful revolutionary couture for Alexander McQueen, rest his brilliant soul. My time in the sauna was almost up. I usually do 30 minutes and the clock was at 28. I turned the page. I was now on the first page of the Detroit fashion spread and there taking up a full page was an image of a girl’s face and she was wearing an Eminem hat.

Detroit Vs. Everybody


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