Fight Music

Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, she became a butterfly. – Barbara Haines Howett, Ladies of the Borobudur


Three Years Ago MayDay DSCN8502
The door leading to my old art studio. 2012

This kind of music, use it, and you get amped to do shit.  Whenever you hear some shit and you can’t refuse it. It’s just some shit for these kids to trash they rooms with. Just refuse whenever they asked to do shit
― D12 – Fight Music

Southpaw DSCN8512
“Never forget how lucky you are to have yourself.” – Lyrics from ‘LOST’ , by The Maine

If I could capture the rage of today’s youth and bottle it.  Crush the glass with my bare hands and swallow it
― D12 – Fight Music





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