I’m just so fuckin’ depressed

I just can’t seem to get out this slump

If I could just get over this hump

But I need something to pull me out this dump

I took my bruises, took my lumps

Fell down and I got right back up

But I need that spark to get psyched back up

In order for me to pick that mic back up

I don’t know how or why or when

I ended up in this position I’m in

I starting to feel distant again

So I decided just to pick this pen

– Beautiful



Listening to my Rap God all day and remembering that art can get you through anything–and trying to prove it. Saw pictures of Eminem on tour in South America on Twitter and it really cheered me up this morning. He looks like he is having fun. I need to have more fun. Taking a break now to post here to say, “Thank you, Shady!”

Every year in Coney Island, Brooklyn we have an art parade called the Mermaid Parade. I usually go, and if I go I make a costume. These pics are from 2008, the same year I started my cybershrine to Eminem. My costume this year was the Widow of the Water.


I love mermaids. The good thing about being a mermaid is that no matter how much her heart breaks a mermaid cannot drown in her own tears.