Professional Stalker

Whenever I start a new job the first thing I do is hang a picture of Eminem over my desk. My work uniform is an Eminem shirt or hat or both and I never leave home without my Eminem Ring.  While working I sneak in as many references to Eminem, Marshall Mathers, or Slim Shady into my graphics, as I can get away with.

These are some graphics I made for season 5 of 30 Rock.

Anytime I have to make graphics for airports, train terminals or bus depots I always make the first destination city Detroit, Michigan. The departure time is Lucky #7, My lucky #5 and #8 for 8 Mile. You will also notice that the number of the gate for the second destination, New York, is D12.


Here is another example of how obsessed I am with 8 Mile legend, Eminem.

For the same season of 30 ROCK I had the chance to make all of this cool fake TGS merchandise for a scene that took place in the NBC store. I made some board games based on some previous jokes in the show. One of the games was “Who Farted?” based on a joke from a previous episode. The logo is based on a sketch my boss did. She thought it would be funny to make it look like a butt. I of course needed to get a little bit of Eminem love in there since his sense of humor is one of my favorite things about his work. So I designed the “Who Farted?” game board in the shape of an “8” for 8 Mile. I also made sure that this game is totally playable. I wrote real rules and as part of the final wrap gift I made for my colleagues, I gave everyone gift bags with all kinds of stuff including a “Who Farted?” board game, complete with cards, game pieces, dice, and play money.


This is how a professional stalker operates. Click here to see some more 30 ROCK graphics that have Eminem references in them on my blog, The Maniacs’ Almanac.

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