Sisterhood and Sympathy

Our Mothers live the journey of this life before us

to test the waters for us

to climb the hills for us

and point the way for us.

We honor our mothers by rebelling against thier suffering

and learning from them

how not to fall like they did

we learn to grow away from despair

and grow up into light.

Our mothers know we have strength that they will never have.

They know we will survive without them and thrive without them.

That’s what they want.

They know we are strong enough to survive the sorrow

that comes from the painful lessons they hate to teach us.

Our mothers show us however they can which roads we must not travel

which roads will lead us nowhere

so we can choose joy instead

so we can live as long and harmoniously and purposefully as we possibly can

to avenge our suffering mothers.

We are all the children of suffering mothers

because all mothers suffer in some way.

Some suffer in spurts, some suffer for a life time,

and some mothers must go on before us

before we are ready to let them go.

We learn that life is short

and to always be kind to ourselves

and to care gently for ourselves

and to challenge ourselves

to smile always at how full of life we are

and to be a good mother to ourselves

to care for our own spirit



and tenderly.

You are stronger than your mother

that is why she gave you your life

to outlive her,

so honor her

and outlive her.

Live the radiant life

you deserve to live.

Shine on.

#RIP #DawnScott

#TeamAlaina #TeamAdam #TeamPatrick




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