Happy Valentine’s Day

Some say love, it is a river, that drowns the tender reed
Some say love, it is a razor, that leaves your soul to bleed
Some say love, it is a hunger, an endless aching need
I say love, it is a flower, and you, its only seed





The production values on this suck because I didn’t have the energy to properly light this. Sorry. I have been sick as fuck all month.

Please understand, I want you to be happy, so do whatever you have to do to be happy and healthy and strong.

And I want to be happy, and healthy, and strong too, so I had to make this to get my poison out of my system.

Hopefully you can forgive me.




Happy Birthday From Camp Shady

Happy Birthday Mr. America!

You’ve been having an amazing week. Congratulations!!! I have been enjoying all of the art that is coming from you. Love the song you did with Pink! Revenge IS sweet! Very excited about your movie Bodied. Inspired by the way you took such a bold stand with Kaepernick against police brutality and Trump’s racist bullshit.

So, I was trying to figure out what kind of art to make for your birthday this year, I wanted it to be super special and I really wanted it to be something that you would really like so I wrote you a horror/comedy screenplay inspired by your Camp Shady merchandise!!


The first draft is finished. I think it’s really funny, it’s very gory and violent and I think it has good, suspenseful plot twists in the story. It would be interesting to see how you would add to it, to really make it yours. However, I am not sending it to you until after your album comes out. That’s right. I am holding it hostage because I’m an American Terrorist.

Annnnd… I made you a comic strip for your Birthday. It’s a reply to your BET Freestyle:


Hopefully, if you see it, you will like it.

You are the artist who inspires me the most in this world. You are a masterful fighter. You have proven that time and time again by your defiance of all odds while pursuing your dreams.

You are also a natural peacemaker and have proven that through the close ties you keep with your friends over the years, and how you help each other through tough spots, and how you show so much love and respect for the artists that have come before you and how you remember the people that inspired you to become a fighter.

I made this comic for you on your birthday, because your freestyle challenged me on my Birthday.

Thank you for reminding me why I was put on this Earth and for motivating me to stay true to myself no matter what, and to be fearless as long as my intentions are good. I hope your birthday is everything you hoped it would be and more. Enjoy all the love and kindness surrounding you and eat some cake. You deserve it.

See you in the trenches, my Hero.


PS  —> I love to play in the sand.





Sorry. Not Sorry.


Once Upon A Time,

I heard you were sick. I panicked. I said, “I have to do something! Eminem cannot die!” Or I will die. (I’m selfish.) And I was REALLY upset. Because I realized there was nothing I could do to get to you, to reach you or help you, and even if I could why would you listen to a total stranger who accomplished nothing in her life?

– And then I heard a voice, in my head, and the voice said, “Tell him Proof sent you.” And I gasped and I said, “I can’t say that, that is horrible!” And the voice said, “Do it. Tell him Proof sent you. Put me in a comic.” And I liked the idea, because suddenly I thought that it was kind of a sweet gesture, because I am socially unintelligent and mildly deranged. But I said once more to the voice, “I can’t do it! It will piss him off and he will fucking hate me!” And the voice said, “Yes, but he will get better fast and live to get his revenge on you, good.”

I smiled a twisted smile and said, “OK, That works for me.”

Sorry, I am an asshole.

Not sorry that I believe in magic because of you.

Thank you for everything.



Yay! Happy New Year!


Hello, Marshall Mathers.

This was an interesting year, huh? Hope you enjoyed a lot of gratifying moments and made a lot of great memories.

Thanks for all the ways you have inspired me to experiment as an artist and writer this year. I feel like I am growing even though it might not seem like it on the surface yet.

Very excited about your new album. Picturing you having the time of your life creating it.  In the meantime enjoying your previous recordings. Been obsessed with your song ‘My First Single’. There is something about the way you rap on that song, it’s one of your slowest, dirtiest, low-down-ish-drawliest, wittiest, most ‘fack’tastic vocal deliveries ever. Don’t you agree? Don’t you agree with me that you are the sexiest, most brilliant and beautiful being that has ever lived on the Earth?

That’s all for now. Till the next time…

Happy, happy, happy, happy, happy New Year!







Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to you
Marshall Mathers, Eminem and Slim Shady,
my nearest and dearest
imaginary friends.
I love that our birthdays so close together! It feels like all week has been more fun because of it.

Guess what I wished for?

You have been inspiring me so much
to experiment creatively and try new things.

You have been helping me remember
how to create playfully
and joyfully and to see beauty everywhere. So I bought you a gift. I was on the subway and this musician was wearing a shirt that said “I Help Save Lives” and that totally reminded me of you. So I hired him to play Happy Birthday. Enjoy the joy!

Have a beautiful day celebrating another year of evolution and newness! Thank you for your inspiring, brilliant, creative, soul.

Come Up For Air

Do you what you gotta do
I’ll wait for you, to come for air

Cause this whole wide world
There’s no one else for me
So while you search the seas for answers
I will still be waiting here

Make sure you dive down deep
Because if you do
Even though it takes a thousand lifetimes
My love, I know you’re finally gonna see the truth, and you’ll return

And I will still be here
When you come up for air
Do you what you gotta do
I’ll wait for you, to come for air

And even if this really is the end
I’m sure I’ll be alone until I’m dead
Cause no one else will ever quite compare
To them it wouldn’t be fair.

-Skylar Grey, Come Up For Air

Produced by Eminem





8 Miles

My favorite piece of jewelry is made of wood. I wear it every day. It inspires me to keep trying, to keep working, and to never give up my creative dreams.

My work days are between 10-12 hours of sitting at a computer so I walk to and from work to get exercise. It’s a good walk, 8 miles a day, round trip, and I use the time to think about my personal projects that I work on in the evening.

Work is not all I think about. I think happy thoughts about the future, I look at the trees and I wonder about the tree that became the wooden jewelry I wear every day. I wonder how many people sat under the tree that became my jewelry, and played under the tree and kissed under the tree and how long it stood on the Earth before it became many parts of many people’s dreams.

As I walk I smile and I send prayers into the sky to the man who I admire, who made the jewelry possible. I wish for excellent health and true happiness for the man who rescued this piece of wood from a place near when I am walking, who gave it to artists, to make something new, something that would continue to inspire people. I thank him for making this beautiful, sweet symbol of strength, growth, triumph over hardship, and renewal.


Sometimes I hold this piece of wooden art in my hand as I walk. I caress it’s smooth perfection and physically enjoy the carved information. I let my skin absorb the shape of his childhood home and the numbers and letters that measure the point of origin of this great artist’s dreams. I thank the universe for him. I thank him for his voice because he has shown me that I have everything I need as long as I work hard, keep learning and have hope.


I am Shady Army forever, a loyal soldier who fights for life, art and love.

Thank you, Shady.